Our Story

We recognize that most people care about making healthy choices for themselves and their families – but it’s hard to keep up with what’s safe and what’s toxic! Not to mention, if you sort all that out -- will it still work? Despite countless bloggers and self-proclaimed gurus insisting on how easy it is to go 100% organic and clear and green (whatever those buzzwords really mean), it’s a daunting task for the average person to tackle. That’s where Oh Goodness! comes in. We make it fun to give it a try.

Our Owner

Becky Wheeler Owner Oh Goodness!A self-proclaimed "messy person", our owner, Becky Wheeler, couldn't be more surprised that she's running a company selling cleaning products. The company started with a simple conversation with a close friend. They were chatting about DIY cleaning product disasters -- gelatinous messes, pinterest fails, crafts gone sooooo wrong. As a single mom working full-time, Becky thought making all-natural, organic, non-toxic cleaning products sounded fantastic, but who has the time to do all the research and figure out how to actually make them right and get them to work?! A nice idea...for someone else.


At the same time, she'd been struggling for years with sensitivities. There were allergic reactions to the natural cleaning products at the store, narrowing down food choices to figure out what was making her sneeze (can it really be gluten?), testing going paleo, going vegan, going crazy!!! Everyone around her seemed to be struggling with something and wanting help. Out of frustration and determination, Oh Goodness! was born. When she was testing the all-purpose spray and realized she was cleaning the front of the dishwasher, a surface she had never even considered to be dirty -- she knew she was on to something. It was fun. And smelled good! Who knew?! Maybe she wasn't a messy person after all....maybe ;)

Our name -- Oh Goodness!

Our name reflects that sobering moment you discover all the harmful chemicals that are in your cleaning and beauty products --- ohhh...goodness :( 

And the relief you’ll feel once you get your first Oh Goodness! box :)

With our box, you’ll be able to whip up replacement products in less than 5 minutes total, while having fun and feeling good about the decision you made. That's some priceless peace of mind, instantly.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to celebrate all the ways we try to build our lives, by turning every day chores into acts of love. We do this with curiosity, empathy, joy and a bit of sassy goodness.

Our Values:

We celebrate our wins and we laugh when things go wrong.
We like feeling good.
We think everything is progress.
We enjoy doing life-giving things for ourselves, those we love and the world around us.
We believe in trying - a lot of times .
We make a lot of mistakes – and see the value in them.
We care deeply.
We think cleaning should be less of a chore and more of a gift we give ourselves and our families.
We believe in staying curious and trying something new.

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