Details Matter

Do these products work?

Absolutely! We put the products through a testing process and have a dedicated crew of beta testers. We'd love for you to give them a try and let us know what you think about whether they work. It's no risk. 

Do I get to make them myself?

Yes! They are super quick and easy to make -- each one taking less than 2 minutes to mix together and put in to the provided container in our starter sets. This process does a few things:

  • You get to add a little sprinkle of your love in there (yes, we're a bit sentimental and silly -- but we think this matters!)
  • You know for sure which ingredients are in your cleaning products because YOU put them in there with your own hands
  • Because they are made fresh in your own home and aren't sitting on a shelf somewhere, we don't have to include synthetic preservatives or anti-caking agents

What are the product ingredients?

You can find a full list of ingredients for each product here along with why we chose each one.


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