You Shine Dishwashing Powder

You Shine Dishwashing Powder

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Ever wondered about the chemical residue left on your dishes after a run through the dishwasher? We have too. 

Struggle with hard water spots and residue from other natural products? Yep, check!

You Shine Dishwashing Powder to the rescue. No anti-caking agents, no synthetic preservatives, no synthetic chemicals. Just pure ingredients you can feel good about using, and they work! We didn't call it You Shine just to be cute. Ok...maybe a little cute - but you are looking particularly ravishing today.

This kit comes with everything you need for 35-40 loads. Just pour the pre-measured ingredients right in the bag and you're all set. If you're feeling fancy, you can turn them in to dishwashing tabs too. So much fun with a great citrus scent from our Oh Goodness! blend of organic essential oils.


Details Matter

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Do these products work?

Absolutely! We put the products through a testing process and have a dedicated crew of beta testers. We'd love for you to give them a try and let us know what you think about whether they work. It's no risk. 

Do I get to make them myself?

Yes! They are super quick and easy to make -- each one taking less than 2 minutes to mix together and put in to the provided container in our starter sets. This process does a few things:

  • You get to add a little sprinkle of your love in there (yes, we're a bit sentimental and silly -- but we think this matters!)
  • You know for sure which ingredients are in your cleaning products because YOU put them in there with your own hands
  • Because they are made fresh in your own home and aren't sitting on a shelf somewhere, we don't have to include synthetic preservatives or anti-caking agents

What are the product ingredients?

You can find a full list of ingredients for each product here along with why we chose each one.


How does the refresh program work?

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We're glad you asked! Our starter collections and most of our individual products come with gorgeous and reusable glass containers that you won't want to throw away when you need a refresh on your products.

You can always buy a refill any time and pay full price. But if you sign up for our program, you lock in a 10% discount on all future refreshes AND you don't have to think about it every month. The goodness just arrives on your doorstep. Plus we like to throw in a surprise goodie here and there to keep things feeling fresh and good. You deserve it.

Cancel anytime or adjust the timing in your account. We'll send an email to remind you and make it easy. Simple and no risk. 


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